We provide a range of professional plumbing services throughout Oconee including Seneca, Clemson and Six Mile. From visual inspections and maintenance up to complete water heater repair and replacement.

Plumber Seneca, Clemson & Sunset
Drain Cleaning in Seneca, Clemson & Sunset


We know that one of the most common issues that customers face is debris build up in their drains. This is common with the amounts of soap, grease, food, hair, and other build up that get into your drains. We provide a professional cleaning service for all of your drains including bathrooms, kitchen, toilets, showers, and floor drains.

Sewage and Water Leaks in Seneca, Clemson & Sunset


Sewer and Water leaks seem to happen at the worst times. Our team at American Plumbing is always ready to access the situation, find the cause of the issue and address it fast and effectively. We have a extensive knowledge of all types of systems, so were provide service to all.



Water heaters have become more efficient, smaller, and more reliable. Tankless water heaters are now more common as they take up less space and help lower power bills. At American plumbing we help to determine proper spacing and location for new installs to ensure efficient water supply. We also provide inspections and repair of previously installed tankless heaters.

Pipingand Repipig in Drain Cleaning in Seneca, Clemson & Sunset


Pipes begin to wear down after years of usage and typically began to rust, corrode, and crack. These conditions begin to reduce the quality of water. We provide new pipe install or simply adding on piping in your home or business. We also provide quality inspections of existing piping and repiping as necessary.

Fixtures and Toilets in Drain Cleaning in Seneca, Clemson & Sunset


There are many different types and models of fixtures and toilets that provide different style. We provide install and replacement for all your stylish fixtures. If we provide the fixtures know that we only offer contractor grade fixtures that are built to last longer. We also provide all your toilets needs from unclogging to replacement.



Water heaters play a vital role in our homes from warm showers, enabling a hot cycle on your washing machine, to providing warm water to your faucets. If you are experiencing issues with your hot water let us assist in determine the cause and proper means of repair whether it be a heating element or a poor connection. If repair can’t fix the issue, we also offer full replacement and disposal of the old unit.

Plumbing Home Inspections i Drain Cleaning in Seneca, Clemson & Sunset


Whether looking to buy a house or sell a house it’s always good to ensure your plumbing system is good to go for a nice and quick sell/purchase. We provide plumbing service repairs for all issues found during home inspections and closings. We offer these services for both home owners and real estate companies.

Emergency Plumber in Drain Cleaning in Seneca, Clemson & Sunset


We understand that your plumbing system doesn’t follow a schedule and may decide to give you trouble at the most inconvenient times. Give us a call If you have any emergency plumbing issues from overflowing toilets, busted piping, septic back-ups. We provide these services with a quick and professional response.